Modular Galaxy S23 case brings new camera accessories to your phone

What you need to know

  • Samsung has revealed two new camera accessories for its Galaxy S23 series on the U.K. store.
  • The Slim Tripod Stand features a collapsible set of legs to hold your device horizontally or vertically for photos and video.
  • The Camera Grip Stand includes a Bluetooth shutter remote to control your device’s camera for photos or videos from a distance.

Samsung has introduced some new tools users may enjoy when it comes to staying mobile but needing to photograph or record the world around them.

Roland Quandt of WinFuture spotted two new add-on camera accessories on the U.K. Samsung store consumers can grab for the Galaxy S23 series’ Gadget Case (via The Verge). While there are quite a few great Galaxy S23 cases, the Gadget Case has a modular tool that allows it to attach other stands and tripods to the phone, and the company has some pretty unique accessories to go with it.

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